Saturday, December 20, 2008

300, a Personal Best.

Spryte is trying for a new look :)


  1. Obviously Spryte's new look was enough to distract the 300 long enough for him to show them what the result of fighting naked can be!

  2. I LOVE how that one fallen roman has his head nuzzled directly on his fellow centurion's crotch.

  3. *giggle* Fun movie. better pic ;)

  4. The idea of Spryte tackling the 300 Spartans certainly tickles my fancy! I can just imagine them, trying to rush Spryte, trying to be manly, only to find themselves crying and cumming under Spryte's expert ministrations. I just wish he'd save Travis van Winkle (film Meet the Spartans) for last.

    Of course, then Spryte would have to tackle the Persian hordes, in lieu of the 300 Spartans!

    Keep up the great work, Spryte!

    Eddy S