Monday, March 2, 2009

Spryte's Guide to Wild-Life: vol. 2

The LEATHER-PALMED APE (pan pithecanthrashus)
Several species of monkey use their red bottoms to attract a mate. The wily leather-palmed ape, from the Binding Jungle, has worked out that the display is much more effective using several huge, red bottoms, and the hunters of the "Otaka" tribe provide the perfect raw materials. The ape makes a new display each day, making the week long breeding season a painful time for the young Otaka men.


  1. Now THAT is a nice dog pile... there's just something about helpless asses piling on top of each other, red as cherries... sort of floats my boat. Wonderful, Spryte - another hot dream come to life through your wicked skills!

  2. Hey Spryte

    Your Imagination never ceases to impress!

    i know you like the bigger guys but wonder i you would ever consider portraying a sinewy spiderman getting a spanking ? i love his ass in thighs in comics

    failing that a bunch of tour de france cyclists?


  3. Those are some strong apes.

  4. would think by now that the tribes men would stay far away during the apes mating season. Show what happens when you enjoy getting a good slap on the bottom now and then.

  5. And after he was done spanking my ass to smithereens he could part my cheeks with that large cock and tear it up 247!