Monday, July 6, 2009

Be Patient...

You'll have noticed that there have been no posts for a while, that's cos I've been away, and will be until August. I was sort of hoping to do a bit of art on the road, but the trip has been brilliant and mad :D
I will return, never fear. You may now post your ideas for the biggest bottom that could be spanked, and how it could be achieved and by who.
That should distract you for another couple of weeks. Be well and be naughty :)



  1. *giggle* I dunno bout the biggest bottom, but I got spanked by a bunny this weekend ;)

  2. hey hey!

    i miss you spryte :(

    heres an idea ever do a celeb spanking ?

    from the discussions at the m-m spanking group a lot of guys want to see christiano ronaldo getting spanked :D

  3. How about a homeowner getting spanked on the open hole otk by a burglar? Sure do miss you spryte, hurry back.

  4. I bet the man on the moon has a pretty big butt. Don't know what to spank it with though.

  5. I think the biggest butt is probably the greek god Atlas. He holds up the whole world, so he can't protect his MASSIVE butt! The only thing big enough to spank him would be Zeus himself, holding a flat thunderbolt, and the impact delivers both a swat and a shock!

  6. Hey Spryte, where are you? You need a good spanking for being away for so long...Maybe I,m the one that needs the spanking eh?

  7. Glad to have you back my old friend. *Hug* As for what I like to see you draw about about The Thing from the Fantastic Four having piss off everyone one to many times with his smoking his cigar in the no smoking zones around HQ is now being held in a high tech machine and being spank by a high energy power paddle. Next it seems that the bad bear king from the movie "Golden Compass" didn't die and is being punish by the other bears as they keep him lock down in the center of town and force him to suck them or be fuck by them. Last, the Big Bad Wolf as tick off everyone in Fairytown for the last time. He is tied up and hanging from a tree and being paddle but good.

  8. How about Spryte giving a special "Bonus " spanking with a paddle to a banker in a suit- pants down, in tears made to count his swats captioned: Financial Penalties.

    OR. A blue collar construction worker spanks and fucks a banker wearing a "Deposit" sign over a stack on Money in front of the bank.