Friday, September 25, 2009

Stocks and Bonds.

One from the archives. Spryte is practising his timing and wrist action.


  1. The blond dude in the middle is so cute with his expression of "D'OH!"

  2. One for the money
    two for the show
    three to get ready
    and four to make 'em GLOW! >:)

  3. Great new background you created my friend. The three guys should all have difference looks on their faces when being spanked. Glad you had some time to rework this one.

  4. In this economy efforts at self improvement are to be lauded. (haha)

    I love the faces in this one, it looks like you put extra work into the expressions.

  5. Outstanding representation of bondage. The erections in this and all your pictures make me interested in getting some of the same (both erection and spanking).

  6. love your have that ability to make it fun..and very hot at the same time.

  7. Wonderful your work in the blog and EXCELLENT drawings!!!

    Congratulations!!I´ll link it on my brand new blog "Men on Fire"!!!

    Come and visit to me at:

    Lot of "Burnig Love" from Argentina!!!

    Eric Fire!

  8. The thought of having my genitals 'put in stocks' for a good bare-bottom thrashing -
    MMMMMMMMMMMM ...... !!