Sunday, January 11, 2009

Night Time at the Arena: a bedtime story.

Caramon had been at the arena now for months, and the big man had regained his muscle and mass as a result of the arduous combat. This was becoming an increasing problem for Tas. When you are any kind of halfling, human bottoms are always at eye height, and as Caramon's had firmed, toned and tanned, it had become harder to resist. As an adolescent, Tas had developed quite a fetish for muscled human ass, the bigger the better was his belief. His friends had thought it a bit weird, but kenderkin aren't as worried about that kind of thing as most. “If you want something, just borrow it for a while” is their creed. With this in mind, Tas had been wondering why it had taken him so long to succumb to his urges. It was probably, he reflected, because the big guy, although gorgeous, had the tendency to pat him on the head and treat him as a kid. That would change!
This passed through the kender's mind as he deftly picked the lock to the small food hatch in Caramon's cell. He had been to visit the big guy many times during his arena trials, and often had sat there, pretending to listen while thinking up punishments for Caramon's patronising comments.
Now, Tas slipped through the hatch and there he was, sleeping propped against the wall with his legs spread, a slight sheen of sweat from the warm air highlighting his massive muscled body. Quick as a flash, Tas had his boot off so gently that the big man only stirred a little in his sleep. Looking at the broad chest and tousled hair, Tas recalled his previous human conquests, all big men and all beautiful asses (and all totally owned by him) but this would be his biggest challenge yet.
Tas's eyes drifted down to Caramon's loin cloth and he saw that the big man was having VERY pleasant dreams ... oh wow! The last of his kender's patience left him, and in one move he unlatched the leather belt and flung the concealing jockstrap away. Diving under Caramon's leg, he grabbed the big dick and licked it all the way up. Caramon woke with a gasp followed swiftly by several groans.
“Tas?” he managed between gasps.
“That's right my big, dumb friend,” said the Kender, “I wan't a word with you!”

Half an hour later, and Caramon lay, exhausted but happy, propped in the corner of the tiny cell.
“That was great Tas, I had no idea, but now you should really go” he said.
“There you go again,” said Tas, “telling me what to do.” He looked downward at his swollen dick, dragging Caramon's eye with him. “Do I look like I'm ready to go?” he asked. Caramon's gaze had fixed on the kender's erection, which, he couldn't help but notice, was not at all in proportion to his body. He gulped.
“Now Tas, you really shouldn't..” he began, but it was as far as he got. The kender, moving more quickly than Caramon could have believed, scooped up his loincloth, tore the cloth from the leather belt and shoved it firmly in the big man's mouth.
“No more instructions from you, I think” smiled the kender.
Once again the kender moved like lightning and the human found himself lifted and flipped by the surprisingly hard, little muscled body. Still a little confused and dopey from the head job, and still not taking the threat from the halfling seriously, he just smiled to himself as he was rolled onto his stomach and his big, round butt lifted a little into the air. I'll just take this cloth out, he thought and then... but it was as far as he got. With a crack, the belt laid a stinging smack on his exposed, muscled ass. The pain shocked him so much that he froze and let the kender get in two more firm slaps. Tas took a step back and let those ones sink in. Caramon felt the heat from the stinging slaps warming his ass and upper thighs, and strangely, almost against his will, he found himself pushing his butt further into the air. Tas obliged with two more spanks of the belt, not too hard, just enough to show who was in command. Caramon groaned through his gag.
“Lesson one”, said the kender, “I'm older than you so stop treating me like a kid”. He laid two more stripes across the human's perfectly presented ass, which was showing the first slaps in blushing pink. Caramon was stunned into passivity, too amazed by these wild new sensations to move, but for the first time, he found himself listening to the kender properly.
“Lesson two”, Tas said, “oh my, you have such a beautiful bottom”. The kender's limited concentration had slipped, but he had made his point. Another four cracks of the belt brought the big man to his hands and knees. His cheeks were red and, Tas thought wickedly, ready. He reached over and pulled out the gag.
“Lesson three, your ass is mine”, he cried. “Do you understand you big, dumb human?”
Unable to hold on any longer, Tas drove his throbbing cock into the big man's glorious, rosy butt.
This would be the biggest trophy the kender had collected by far, he thought, thrusting hard and pushing the big man up against the wall in the cramped cell. Tas felt triumphant and a wave of pleasure washed over him. He noticed Caramon's cock hardening again as the shagging continued and was pleased his friend was enjoying this too.
“You ...are ... mine, big man!” He gasped.
And Caramon replied, “Uh! UH! Yes ...oh! ... sir ...Mmmm!Oh!”


  1. Ohhhh man! What a surprise! Who'd have thought that one little blog post could inspire such works?

    While I've always thought of Tas as a spankEE more than a spankER (especially from Flint, heheheh) it was incredibly hot to read him taking down Caramon like he did. The big man never saw it coming--and when he did, he was helpless to resist! >D

    All Tasslehoff needs now is a paddle attachment to his hoopak and he'll be all set. ;]

  2. Now that was a great reading. Your art goes well with the story and adds to the enjoyment of the whole tell. Well done, well done.

  3. Wow Spryte! I'm very impressed. The Dragonlance series are amongst my favourite books, and you not only put up a story, but you ALSO illustrated it!

  4. Good God!
    I loved this short story! XD

    Excellent work Spryte.
    EXCELLENT work. ^_^