Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Samurai Spank


  1. He-he! Love the way those boys pony-tails are cut off and end up where they belong. Nice touch.

  2. Indeed, this is what all "heroes" should get when they underestimate the monsters they foolishly pick fights with.

  3. MahoutsukainoKontonJanuary 10, 2009 at 6:14 PM

    Hmm I do love just desserts.

  4. Always great to see young warriors being shown they don't have the skills they think they do and are make to pay for taking on more than they can handle.

  5. Spryte you are great! I love these magical comic strip humiliations.

    I couldn’t figure out how to send this message to you so I will put it here. Please move it as appropriate.

    You have inspired me. How about this fantasy;

    The victim is a macho hairy man; someone of authority such as a cop, teacher, step father or bullying older brother.

    He comes to admonish a group of youths / children (subordinates in someway) for their insistence that they have an “imaginary” spryte or fairy friend. He won’t put up with this nonsense anymore!

    Suddenly the creature appears much to our bully’s surprise and magically strips him completely naked. While the audience laughs, our hapless victim is then shrunk to a more manageable child size (of course remaining proportionally hot hairy and hunky).

    He is then soundly spanked by the magical creature much to his humiliation and his subordinates delight.

    After any further abuse you can dream up he is given to the group as some kind of pet, perhaps partially transformed in some way. The entire time he remains painfully aware of his debasement and new status.

  6. Ouch painful and humiliating
    I imagine Troll Market has tons of guys in similar predicament
    It would be nice to see those chaps being milked