Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Get Your Fantasy Drawn...

I think I've done at least one picture of most people who made requests. Time for another lot. Let me know what fantasies you'd like drawn. If you can describe one I haven't already done somewhere, you're chances of getting it created are good.


  1. I'd love to see your take on Army recruits getting paddles by a butch drill sergeant.

  2. I didn't even know you took requests. X__X

  3. Personally, I find your drawings really entertaining and hot, Spryte, so now that you mention it: how about a spanking plant or tickling tree? Something that snares young jungle men or hunky jungle explorers/scientists and doles out coporal punishment or tickles its victims silly??? I'd even be willing to trade a drawing back!
    meninperil at gmail

  4. hmmmm

    a bully getting spanked by a weak nerd

    or a handsome prince spanked by a vine monster lol

  5. hmmmm

    a bully getting spanked by a weak nerd

    or a handsome prince spanked by a vine monster lol

  6. Well you already drew something for me (I loved that Spider-Man pic) but I guess I'll go ahead and put on of my little fantasies on here. ^_^

    I have always liked the idea of using some kind of Voo-Doo doll to strip/embarrass/molest a guy.
    I just find the idea so amusing and hot!
    As you strip the doll naked the victim suddenly finds that his clothes are coming off against his will and wherever you lick or grope the doll the guy feels it as well!
    You could even use it for spanking!
    Just imagine, one little flick to the dolls butt would feel like a good firm smack to the guys butt!

    Heh heh.
    I cant help it. I just love this perverted idea!XD

  7. I believe you already have TWO ideas from me that we've already discussed. :)

  8. How about a big boxer bent over and tied up with the ropes from the boxing ring, elastic shorts pulled down and his ass red from a "Spank The Loser" exhibition match?

  9. the 'big bad wolf' taking advantage of the 3 bears from goldilocks.
    "And this ass wasn't red enough"
    "But now they were ALL just right"

    *is demented* ^^;

  10. Oop, all male bears, of course XD

  11. I like this idea and have a few for you.

    Pirate crew are attack, spanked and a few of the crew wanting to be rape by a large squad.

    Minotaur beat down some warriors that invade his home. Strip them, spank and is rock hard himself ready to enjoy them in another way.

    A team of Swat guys are over come, strip and spank by your elf self just because he can.

    Hope you like one of them.

  12. Thanks for the opportunity to add to your already creative art; really love your ideas and drawings!!! Perhaps something with peter pan being spanked and screwed by the lost boys or a group of nerds having their revenge on the football jocks or a studly babysitter roped up spanked nad milked by his young charge!!! Just some ideas that crossed my mind. cheers A

  13. How about this:

    A hunky muscular swimming coach with a furry body, held down over the lap of the college swim team captain getting his big butt spanked with a small paddle (and the reason he's getting it is because the team ganged up on him and are about to shave him down so he looks like a proper swimmer - he was setting a bad example with his hairy body).

    Of course with his speedos falling off his ankles and onto the floor, his big meat is hanging down between the team captain's legs as the coach gets his punishment.

    The other team members are standing around with razors (wicked grins on their faces) and ready to shave the coach down - either his butt or his pubes have already been shaved off, and they're waiting to do the rest!

  14. I love your work!

    If you're taking requests, I was just thinking... how about a Prince submit to a spanking/caning or something in order to free his peasant boyfriend who is being held captive by someone/something.

    The peasant guy might look good in a hanging cage with his gangly limbs all sticking out. Just a thought! :) Thanks!

  15. How about . . . A BAND?

    Well, or at least a drummer.

    Picture it. A cool guy in shades wailing with his drumsticks. Except stuck through all his drums are various guys' butts, squirming uselessly under the beat. Maybe they're yelping and cursing as he whacks the cymbals. Music to anyone's ears!

    They'd just need a name. Damn, I think STING is already taken . . . ;P

  16. If a name is what we are looking for how about, "Slap Happy" or "Pain In The Ass", or still "Red Rose". I am sure everyone will have fun trying to figure out that name.

  17. The apple trees spanking Dorothy, the scare crow, tin man, lion and Toto in the wizard of oz.

  18. Someone builds a spanking machine but accidently gets stuck in it and is unable to get out


    a game show were contestants are strapped to a spanking machine and whenever they get a question wrong (from buttons in front of them) they get spanked

  19. More spanking and milking machines please :-)

  20. How about more D&D strips or short comic book storys like the Chinese puzzle?

  21. I agree with the prev post - your strips r hot

    i love seeing the lead up to spanking :)

  22. more mouth soaping and maybe an enema thrown in as well

  23. Personally, there are a few 'themes' I enjoy:
    - spanking with orgasm
    - groups
    - Spryte!
    - milkings
    - superheroes
    - vikings/ancient greeks
    - stories

    So anything with any of those items would please me. A few suggestions might be:
    - Minotaur catches Theseus (or vice-versa)
    - group of vikings tied up, Spryte going around spanking and making them cum
    - new drawing on the line «Spryte sucks Stud», like 'Spryte spanks Stud', 'Spryte fucks Stud'...
    - «Spermivore» striking again...
    - superheroes caught by other heroes or by crooks
    - Spryte tickling & spanking someone(s) to orgasm - like a superheroe

    But, really, Spryte, I love all your work.

    Eddy S.

  24. Actually, I have a fantasy that Im sure few share, but we ARE out there...
    I'd like to see a Bozo the Clown spanking the muscular Strong Man from the circus, first on his tights (which leave nothing to the imagination), then on his bare butt, where Bozo sees he's got a big boner, and then a scene where the Strong Man is cumming due to the clown playing with his butt hole.