Monday, February 9, 2009

You Can't Spell Spank Without "Pan"

"Still wearing those clothes from 10 years ago!"
"Not so fast NOW are you, Peter Pan??"


  1. Hahahaha....yes it is about time the Pan got what he has coming to him. Again, I love how you color this one as well. Hook looks so manly with his chest hairs showing.

  2. He's getting lower in the air. Do you think he's running out of "happy thoughts"?

  3. X3 Wow. That's just..Wow. X#
    I Like that Hook is holding him down with, well, his hook.XD
    And how Pan's shorts are barely just below his red ass.

  4. love it as always Spryte

    how about a Michael Phelps inspired spanking pic ?

  5. lol
    u should make anime spankings
    i luv dbz so make dbz
    many people like naruto, so u`ll probably get lots of views with that ^-^