Thursday, November 20, 2008

D&D Strips 1


  1. Goblin Land, eh? Sounds like my home turf. ;]

  2. I love that, it reminds me of an 80's movie called Zapped where a kid develops special powers. At one point two guys harass him, and suddenly they find themselves flying through the air with their pants coming down, and end up hanging over a branch, with their bare butts on display.

    Sadly he didn't then spank them !

  3. On another note, I wish more D&D campaigns I played in had scenes like this!

    DM: "Uh oh, you failed your saving throw. You fly out of your clothes!"

  4. That was awesome! XD
    They got kicked right out of there tights! ^_^
    This is definately of interest to me and my "Stripped And Embarrassed" fetish!
    A couple of cocky elves getting exposed and and humiliated by a goblin.
    Love it! ^_^

  5. i love your work what a great blog!

  6. Uhh !!! How much I'd like to be able to make some guys to fly out of their clothes !!!
    I love that work too ! Thanx !