Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Declare This Site OPEN!!

There we go, 100 picture posts to get everyone started. I shall leave you in peace for a couple of weeks, so you can browse through at your leisure (commenting freely of course :)
(Apologies for losing the comments on those first posts, I'm just crap at computers.)

I realised, when working out categories, that spanking (as a category) was a bit redundant. If the characters in the pictures haven't been spanked or aren't being spanked at the time, .. they WILL be soon.
You might also use the comments section of THIS post to tell me what you would like drawn (or you can e-mail me) I can't promise to draw anything, but about 15 of the ones you see posted resulted from requests.
Thanks for helping me get back to drawing :)


  1. You can't tempt me to send you spank ideas, Spryte. I will bury you in them. ;]

    Off to comment 'til I drop! Dear gods there are a lot of posts.

  2. Ohh any chance of seeing an anthro white fox discipling a muscley bruin? :3

    or maybe some more of the Top cat training his slut pups? You still need to post that pic too, easily one of your best ;)

    Or more of the diminutive guard dog paddling some bull boy bottom for being bad? :3

  3. You know Spryte, nobody's ever done an Angel spanked drawing, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Some possible ideas might be him in the process of getting spanked by Spike, or afterwards Spike might be dusting off his spanking impliment while big studly Angel stands in the corner wearin nothing but a T-shirt! (Damn David Boreanaz is so hot!)

  4. I have never seen angel, a gap in my pop culture knowledge :( But vampires generally are a delight. Does anyone else fantasise about hypnotism?

    Top Cat 1 is posted Mr. Tredain :)

  5. Aha so it is, missed that lil gem, still one of my absolute favs <3 And you put up some more of the bear and wolf series too. yum =D

  6. Would it be possible to have more machines? It's a massive fantasy of mine

  7. Great to see you back on the Interweb! Your art is fantastic!

  8. Spryte you are great! I love your magical comic strip humiliations.

    I now realize where I am suppose to put ideas / requests so here goes...

    The victim is a macho hairy man; someone of authority such as a cop, teacher, step father or bullying older brother.

    He comes to admonish a group of youths / children (subordinates in someway) for their insistence that they have an “imaginary” spryte or fairy friend. He won’t put up with this nonsense anymore!

    Suddenly the creature appears much to our bully’s surprise and magically strips him completely naked. While the audience laughs, our hapless victim is then shrunk to a more manageable child size (of course remaining proportionally hot hairy and hunky).

    He is then soundly spanked by the magical creature much to his humiliation and his subordinates delight.

    After any further abuse you can dream up he is given to the group as some kind of pet, perhaps partially transformed in some way. The entire time he remains painfully aware of his debasement and new status.