Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I never did work out what was going on here...


  1. Me neither, but can our army guys wear tank tops and speedos too?

  2. Whatever it is, I am sure it will boost army recruitment.

  3. Maybe it's something like this. ;]


    The loud claxon alarm rang out through headquarters. Private Q826 looked up in surprise. The alarm meant an enemy attack was taking place. And not just any attack, but an attack by one of their rival country's new Super Soldiers. These heavily armored, insectoid creatures were completely invulnerable to attack, and had already wreaked much havoc among the enlisted men. But this was the first time they'd struck so close to the very heart of their country.

    Private Q826 quickly dismissed such grim thoughts, and suited up in his army's traditional uniform. Combat boots, beret, skimpy tank-top which exposed strong, muscular pecs, and a tight speedo, permanently wedged up his butt-crack. He wasn't sure how practical his country's uniform really was, or why they forced all of their big soldiers to wear them, but Private Q826 had learned long ago not to question military policy.

    Rounding a corner towards where the disturbance was coming from, Private Q826 was greeted with the sobering sight of men already defeated by the enemy Super Soldier. Alone and in groups, his countrymen lay unconscious and groaning on the hard concrete floors. Most of them lay butt-up. The most notable thing about the masculine bodies was how each round buttock, poking out from their shorts, was colored a startling red. Private Q826's own butt-cheeks clenched at the sight. It seemed that the Super Soldier loose in the building was not just any Super Soldier, but a feared Spank Soldier. These were the most powerful of their enemy country's weapons, and none had ever been defeated. Rumors ran rampant about how entire armies had been defeated by them.

    Private Q826 also spied from a few torn trunks, that any man who the Spank Soldier was unable to subdue with his powerful whacks, he was able to bring down with the help of his thick robotic penis. Copious amounts of semen leaked from more than a few pairs of his fellow soldier's buns. Those men however, rather than groaning in pain from their burning backsides, seemed to be smiling in their sleep as if they'd somehow been deeply satisfied by something.

    A minute more of running, and Private Q826 finally reached the battle itself. In front of him was the largest pile of defeated soldiers yet. Big heaps of male legs, arms, butts and groins lay together in one big display of the Spank Soldier's power. And every set of firm military buttocks had been thoroughly spanked until their surrender was clear.

    And now the Spank Soldier itself stood in front of him. With a start, Private Q826 realized he was the only soldier left who hadn't undergone the humiliating and painful treatment. He did his best to fight but, as he found himself easily flung over the Spank Soldier's knee, realized that victory just wasn't in his country's cards that day.

  4. Wow ! Crazy ! What's happening here ?
    You're a real artist !!! Superb !
    Eh ! Soupgoblin ! I love your comments on these drawings as you're an artist too !!! The way you comment them !!! Bravo !

  5. Spyte
    Thx for posting, and for the military themes. Can we please have more in such wonnderfuly abbreviated uniforms. And maybe some B'scouts too. I am just greedy I know